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2013. augusztus 31. szombat, 14:19

Dear all, given the big international audience of this website (cca. 25% of page views goes through google translator), including journalists of renowned newspapers, I decided to start writing a series of articles about Slovakia with the nonconcealed purpose of pressurizing our political leadership (yes, even rudely) which is getting more and more cheeky by bugging us here with all the non-sense the Nazis in the EU leadership require them to do so.






Left and below: our corrupt nazi prime minister Robert Fico

Middle: corrupt lesbian Monika Benova, member of EU Parliament


The local Nazis here are making some serious moves to advance the NWO agenda. After the population hasn´t received the obligation to microchip all domestic animals like dogs, cats etc. very well, they are now threatening drastic measures to enforce the law. We reached the point when it becomes clear that this is about something else than protecting pets! Why on earths would they do so much hussle and bussle and create draconic laws about protecting a few wandering cats and dogs!


Starting from 1.10.2013, every owner will be fined 300 EUR if his/her pet is not microchipped.


If an owner is caught again, the fine will be 600 EUR, then it doubles at every occassion!


Vets will be required to report to state authorities immeditely if a cat or dog is not microchipped and the owner will be fined on the spot.


Vets will be banned from treating any non-microchipped pets.


State authorities will start checking countrywide, using some sophisticated remote-sensor technology, whether animals are microchipped. This will enable them to detect it from a distance of 10-20 meters, even without entering a property. And they plan to do it everywhere! Owners will be fined on the spot.


All this just to prevent a few animals from wandering away, allegedly.


I think it´s clear that it will ultimately be about microchipping the population. But before doing that, they are threatening the populace into submission by forcing to microchip their pets.


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