Red alert from Slovakia Nyomtatás
2014. november 14. péntek, 19:39

I just learned, when listening to the state broadcaster RTV, that the number of homeless people in our capital Bratislava, has reached the astonishing number of 4000 people, in a city with a population of just 500 000.

"V Bratislave žije na ulici už 4000 bezdomovcov."

I decided to flash this alarm signal into the world with the explicit purpose to bring necessary attention to the issue, and help halting the hidden eugenicist agenda of our "elites", of these fascist monsters,  who aim to reduce "weaker elements" in society slowly but steadily.


They don´t hesitate to spend billions of euros on building motorways (our minister of infrastructure just bragged about it, see here), but they are unwilling to find a million euros to solve the problem of homelessness in the capital. There are people dying on the streets in Bratislava, as local councils and charities are unable to cope with such a number of homeless people!


Minister of social affairs Jan Richter, who in order to make a big problem even bigger, has reduced, in December 2013, the amount of state benefits these people can receive, to just 61 EUR per month. They are even required to work for it for 32 hours, else they do not receive even an euro cent from the state!


"nárok na finančnú pomoc od štátu vo výške 61,60 eura len vtedy, ak odpracujú 32 hodín mesačne"


They are rather welcome to drop dead on the streets and parks of the capital. They are seen just everywhere, even the parks of the suburbs are filled with them. Our minister of social affairs:

And hopefully, one day, it will end like a pig!